Friday, August 20, 2010


Something  Beautiful

Taking place after all the events involving New Krypton, Superman decides to reconnect with his roots. At first, I thought that Superman walking the earth and living as a human would be boring and weird. Surprisingly, however, this issue was very beautiful and touching. J. Michael Straczynski, whom I have never heard of before, wrote this beauty of a comic book!


J. Michael Straczynski writes this mini series, "Grounded". While I have never heard of him before, I can tell you right now that he makes a good first impression. The writing is something else. Superman talks to humans about life and helps them with their daily choirs. I mean, how awesome is that? Pretty awesome right?.... No? Fine, but the dialogue during  those events are crazy. I mean, Straczynski must have a PhD on human nature. The way Superman talks shows how much he (both Straczynski and Superman) understand humans and how they live their lives. There's one scene that was truly beautiful, mainly because I could relate to it. Some chick is about to jump off of a skyscraper but Superman comes to the rescue! However, not the way you would expect. Instead of flying up and taking her down, Supes talks to her. I swear, those words that were written on Supes' speech bubbles were the most meaningful thing I have ever read out of a comic. I think that it was probably because I could relate with the jumper. But not 100%, I mean my mom isn't dead, and I never was going to become a jumper. More like 98%. Tears were pouring out of my eyes as I read what Superman had to say. I mean, it was like Supes was giving me advice on life. Another point of interest is how Superman dealt with teenage punks. You know, those that do drugs and other stupid stuff. Superman quite literally set the punks' drug stashes on fire. With his heat ray. That just goes to show you: NEVER DO DRUGS, ESPECIALLY IN THE PRESENCE OF SUPERMAN!! Yeah.....I love life lessons. There's also one part near the end where a group of high school students were going to run a red light (Damn you punks these days!!) but they stopped as Superman walked by their car. Yeah, I thought it was funny... I guess seeing it is believing (Never quote me on that).


Eddy Barrows draws the art for the entire (I think) mini series. His art is very well done and looks amazing. His art is in sync with the writing, which really brought out the main message of the issue. I had no problems with the art. Not even a small, extremely tiny problem. The art was perfect. Nuff said.  

The Good

The best part of this issue was the writing. Nothing in this world, and I mean nothing, God be my witness, NOTHING has made me shed manly tears like this comic did. It was perfect to the ninth dimension. What does that even mean? I don't know! The art was crazy good as well. It did the writing wonders. If the art wasn't this good, I don't think I would have cried like a baby  shed manly tears.

The Bad

The only bad thing was that it was slow. Not really boring, but slow. There were some parts that I felt were just dragging on. But that's really it. Seriously.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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