Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm Alive!

Yay! Jason is running around Gotham and I'm finally posting another review! Anyways, the cover looks pretty cool. The only problem I have is the helmet. Where in God's name are the eye holes?!?!? Maybe that's why the card got shot up pretty badly. Oh, and did I mention? The logo is pretty bad ass.


The writing is pretty good. Judd Winick manages to capture Jason's angst pretty well, as most of the writing goes is for Jason's thoughts. Reading what went on in Jason's mind helped me see and understand why he would choose the path he now walks on. Also, Winick shows off how he can read Batman like a child's book. I mean, Jason COMPLETELY broke down Batman's daily routine and used it at his own advantage. The only thing is that this seems like an mini expansion to Winick's mini version of this and last issue seen in Batman Annual #25. Batman Annual #25 basically tells what happened to Jason after he was revived. This issue does the same but with a more in depth view on Jason's mentality and a short adventure. 
Basically, the writing was pretty good, but if you ask me, in this issue, it's the art that really tells the story.


The art this time was amazing. A lot better than last time. And I mean A LOT. Jason looks extremely bad ass with his spiky emo looking hair. In some instances, Jason looks either constipated or like Ra's from issue 1 (So many wrinkles!) Ra's looks like a 5 year old with silky smooth skin  the same as last time, but without wrinkles. Like a said before, the art seems to tell the story in this issue. Especially at one certain scene where there was no writing at all. There's also I unique part near the beginning which I personally thought was extremely helpful in understanding Jason's pain.
The art this time was amazing. It was like the reverse of last issue. Many scenes made Jason look like a bad ass ready to kick something and yell "Damn right bitches!"

The Good

The art was the best thing about this issue. I mean, Jason looks soooo cool. The writing allowed you to see and understand Jason's mind set after coming back. It was pretty interesting though some what predictable.

The Bad

The bad thing was that this issue was kinda boring. I mean this was basically a rewrite of Batman Annual #25.  That's about it actually.

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