Friday, November 5, 2010


Never Trust the Cover

Seriously, they're very misleading. The cover has nothing to do with anything in this issue. Anyways, I'm going to finish reviewing the entire miniseries probably in the next few days. Also, having problems with pictures. Anyways, let's begin!


The writing in this issue is okay. Winick seems to be able to write Jason's thoughts very well. Comparing this issue with others comics that feature Jason, Jason seems to keep the same metal state. For example, Jason's beliefs in Under the Hood seems are the same as the ones presented in his thoughts. I personally think that in Winick keeping Jason's beliefs and actions consistent with all his other appearances is pretty cool. Other characters usually go through personality changes and what not when different writers write them, but Jason is just a complete badass who won't let that happen. Another note worthy point is that this issue marks the start of Jason's violent training. The mini adventure was weird cause it dealt with drugged 10 year old Chinese kids being sold as slaves. Yeah.... Also, German accents are cool to listen to, but weird to read.  


Same as the previous issue. Awesome. However, some parts look really flat, like dull surprise flat. Jason looks very cool and a lot older than the previous issue. Also, the fighting looks pretty cool too. Especially the beginning fight, which looked pretty brutal. The front page also caught me of guard. I opened the book, saw the first page and was like "WTH?!?"

The Good

The art was pretty good and the writing makes Jason's personal beliefs and personality consistent with other stories that feature him. Also, this issue is pretty insightful about Jason's fighting ability as seen with the fights that he went trough. Oh and don't drink cherry energy drinks when Jason is beside you. It might be poisoned.

The Bad

Jason's mini adventure feels rushed and is... weird. And some parts of the art looked flat.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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