Sunday, November 14, 2010


Another One!

So I'm going to try to finish this series today as there are only two issues left. After this mini series, I'm going to start on the Return of Bruce Wayne. Anyways, let's get this started!

The Good

Like the previous issue, this one has one crazy fight scene. And much like the last one, it happens near the end of the book. Jason's method of escape from his current situation is funny, weird, and just down right AWESOME. One can only imagine what you could do with such a technique. Jason shows off his talents as he takes on an entire terrorist plot by himself. Jason's skill here is comparable to that of the late Jason, which is somewhat fitting since this is the second last issue of The Lost Days. The ending is pretty much like a cliff hanger that makes you want to read the next one, which isn't that nice since I read the next issue and...Yeah.

The Bad

Nothing really that bad except for... The cliff hanger.

Overall: 9/10

The best part about this is the action that's packed into this 23 page book. The action is pretty amazing, and the fight scene is crazy epic. The cliff hanger thing is...Bad.

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